An advanced scientific calculation for thermofuels and thermal systems in the energy transition within a research context


The main objective of the course is to introduce students to the programming and use of advanced scientific calculation software. The course will enable participants to develop skills in the field of research into the analysis of environments and complex technological systems of industrial production processes. This type of tool finds wide applications in fields as diverse as energy or chemistry.

Profesores para su impartición

José Pablo Paredes Sánchez


Universidad de Oviedo

Eje formativo

Formación para formadores on-line

Duración de la oferta formativa on-line

25 horas

Fecha inicio-fin de la acción formativa

13/4/2021 - 12/5/2021


Definition and characterisation for the calculation of productive systems. · Types and characteristics of the software available. · Basic principles on how to install and operate advanced calculation software. · Environment, principles and calculation procedures. · Sub-programs, modules, and tools in 2D and 3D · Correlation between the programming environment and the production system. · Problem resolution and analysis. Interpreting results.


Exhibitions, activities, peer and teacher counselling. Additionally, technical documentation in English is provided.


Support and field work.


I work with technical documentation in English.