21st century skills for research


Universidad organizadora

Universidad de Cantabria

Profesores para su impartición

David Harrison


21st century skills for research focuses in a practical way on the competencies defined by entities such as the EU, UNESCO and the OECD among others, through emerging tools and techniques to learn to think, act and communicate better in international research groups.


Learn and master concepts, processes and, leadership and projects tools and for a complex and changing world.


  • Leadership and management in teams, communities and work networks.
  • Group and self motivation during the research process.
  • Creative and critical thinking to solve complex problems.
  • Collaboration, Design and Validation of Projects: entrepreneurship from the research project.


Video class sessions in TEAMS combined with an online MOOC-style course, with short videos presenting concepts, materials and interactive activities that the students of the course must take to accredit the training.


Participation in the forums and padlets of the course and carrying out creative thinking activities.


12 horas

Fecha inicio - Fin

3/5/2021 - 31/5/2021


The course is entirely in English; therefore an adequate level is required.