Writing your PhD thesis in Humanities


Universidad organizadora

Universidad de Cantabria

Profesores para su impartición

Laura Mier Pérez


In this class for non-native speakers of English, we will cover tools, resources and approaches that could help in the process of writing your PhD thesis in English within the Humanities. This course is structured along three different modules connected with the essence of the narrative writing process. 

The first module will be focused on planning and organizing the proposed content with the goal of developing a table of content as an overarching guide of your research. The second module will cover the actual process of writing several parts of the thesis using different working tools and analyzing the several discursive modalities that we could use in academic writing. Finally, students will become familiar with the process of correcting and editing academic texts. We will consider specific tools for the reviewing the final version of the thesis, including internal (content and organization) and external (format) reviewing strategies.


Offer tools, resources and approaches to undertake the writing process of a PhD thesis within the Humanities.


Theme 1. Planning your thesis. Title, table of contents and plan. Theme 2. Writing your thesis. Abstract and introduction. Theme 3. Reviewing your thesis.


This course uses active and cooperative methodologies (PLE and PBL). In order to take the class students would be required to fulfill individual and group tasks. 


There will be an evaluated assignment per module, and others specified at the beginning of the course. The methodological approach above will be followed in all assignments. 


20 horas

Fecha inicio - Fin

7/6/2021 - 7/7/2021


The course is entirely in English; therefore an adequate level is required.